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"The beginning of wisdom is Get wisdom
At the cost of all you have, get understanding."
Proverbs 4:7

Mission and Vision

What We Can Do for You

Homeschooling is both a rewarding and challenging journey! And here at Living Saints, we are dedicated to supporting fanmilies who have made the decision to homeschool. The services we offer have you and your family in mind, and we're dedicated to see you achieve homeschool success!

Living Saints envisions young students reaching their highest potential in God through excellent Christian education and personalized, positive mentoring. It exists to assist in the academic, spiritual, physical, and social growth of participating homeschooling families by offering support, tutorial aid and administrative assistance.

Our Objectives

1. To provide new and veteran homeschoolers with learning experiences
that cannot be created at home.
2. To make its homeschool support and tutorial services available and
affordable for parents
3. To trailblaze a standard and philosophy of Catholic education that shall
help renew and transform today's educational systems
4. To guide parents in the discovery of their child's God-given potential,
and support them in creating a homeschool course to fit the gifts and
needs of their child

Our approach:

Living Saints is a department of Progressive Little Saints Learning Center. As a homeschool support center, Living Saints helps families manage their homeschool effectively. Students are taught in small, multi-level group settings using their own individualized, parent-selected curriculum. Our center's staff also assists students in organizing their lessons, and proctors them in completing their course requirements for their respective homeschool providers.

Our commitment:

Some parents who opt to home school or do after-school work with their kids do not feel qualified to teach certain subjects or do not have the luxury of time. We have the experience of working with parents who have made the choice to explore different educational options and are here to help! At Living Saints, we believe that personalized lessons are the best way to meet the needs of each student. Many tutoring centers have a set curriculum or tutorial approach. But each child is different. Through our progressive philosophy, we help your child meet his/her personal needs and assist them towards academic success.
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Wednesday Student Sessions
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Wednesdays are Student Session days. Our homeschoolers look forward to a time of cooperative learning experiences, team bonding...
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Posted on Jun. 15, 2015
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