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"The beginning of wisdom is Get wisdom
At the cost of all you have, get understanding."
Proverbs 4:7



When you homeschool with Living Saints as your support system, we can help your homeschooler from the beginning to the end of your educational journey! You can enlist our support for anything that has to do with homeschooling, such as selecting a homeschool provider, tutoring your kids, and helping with lesson plan management. We also have other activities, such as work and service opportunities, field trips, sports programs, work and service tie-ups, parent seminars, and group learning experiences. The academic part of the support program helps the homeschoolers complete school requirements by complying with the curriculum of a homeschool provider. A student may enroll in a foreign or local homeschool program, and parents/guardians may share academic responsibilities with Living Saints, or give us full implementation of the program. We also assist parents and students in deciding which subjects may be taken at the center and which may be completed at home. Students may come in on the days of the week that are most convenient to them.


Living Saints understands that children need real-life experiences in order to appreciate the world around them and the vast learning experiences available to them. Our field trips encourage a love for creativity, society, culture, industry, health and fitness. Interested families may call the Living Saints Tutorial center for a listing of the field trips. Required fees are necessary for participation in the field trips.


Our center is equipped with the basic laboratory tools that will help and enable the students to explore and discover the world of science through experiments. Through this, learning is strengthened as students apply the principles learned and completed the scientific processes needed.


We help in the completion of the child's basic sacraments such as Holy Communion and Confirmation. We offer preparation courses for these sacraments and assist the parent and child in the completion of the requirements.


Charity and compassion for others can better be taught by providing opportunities for the students to share their blessings to the less fortunate brothers and sisters. Through exposure and interaction with these members in our society, the students are able to learn the values of giving, selflessness and gratitude.

(from Kindergarten to high school levels)

Living Saints also offers tutorial aid for day-school (traditional school) students. We offer tutorials to students from kindergarten to high school, and supervision for those taking vocational/distance learning courses. At Living Saints, we use top-quality materials and books for your child's tutorial needs. We make tutoring fun, effective and financially feasible. And, for busy parents who need to maximize their time, we conveniently accept appointments for day school tutees from 3 PM to 6 PM on weekdays.
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Our center is open for enrollment all throughout the year. Whether...   More
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Posted on May. 31, 2016

Living Saints Homeschool Support and Tutorial Center is now an...   More
Wednesday Student Sessions
Posted on May. 31, 2016
Wednesdays are Student Session days. Our homeschoolers look forward to a time of cooperative learning experiences, team bonding...
Back to School!
Posted on Jun. 15, 2015
Our homeschoolers are back in our center as we started the new school year last June 9. We welcome one new student from Seton Home...
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