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"The beginning of wisdom is Get wisdom
At the cost of all you have, get understanding."
Proverbs 4:7


What do kids say about Living Saints?

"Being homeschooled, I have had little to no access to laboratories or experimenting equipment. Luckily, my father learned of the lab courses being offered at Living Saints and promptly enrolled me in the Biology and Chemistry lab courses.

At first, I was a little nervous as to how I would go about with the experiments. But by God's grace, the teachers at Living Saints were very patient and understanding.

At last, I was able to view the cells of plants and animals under a microscope, study the anatomy of a dissected frog and many more. All the experiments, coupled with the helpful insights of the teachers, allowed me to look back at some of the concepts I had already learned in a new and more interesting light. I am very grateful towards the teachers at Living Saints, who provided me with a most enlightening and memorable lab experience.

I strongly recommend Living Saints to other homeschoolers seeking the opportunity to perform their science experiments."

----Michael Ignatius A. Ng

"I love Living Saints because it helps me to become smarter and I get to play with my friends."

----Raphael Catan

"I love Living Saints because the little kids make me fee I'm not the only child."

----Erin Alcala

"I like Living Saints because there's a lot of school stuff and books to read."

----Ryan Bautista

What do parents say about Living Saints?

"My wife and I are very pleased with Living Saints. Through the years, they have provided support to homeschooling families here in the Philippines. They have coordinated common sports activities, field trips which allow our children to socialize with other children. They have provided tutorial services to students who need more attention in certain subjects or when families need additional supervision during certain life circumstances. They have provided Laboratory support for high school students who are studying Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All these they have provided with affordable tuition.

My wife and I highly recommend Living Saints to any homeschooling family. They are a wonderful support. May they continue to expand their services through these years."

----Bernard Ng
(Father of Michael)

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